Each year, Bitch MEDIA makes one limited-edition t-shirt.


Our logo tees are a hit, but when we stopped stocking them year-round we wanted to create something less self-referential and more specific to the cultural moment.


Discarding any ideas that felt too sarcastic, and any designs without words, we settled on straightforward slogans that feel active and enlightened.

Featuring hand-painted lettering for our first tee, the tone-on-tone grays whisper the bold charge, "outsmart the patriarchy!" Letters were painted in gouache and then optimized digitally for silkscreen.

"No feminism, no future" spoke to us all in the year that brought us lots of dark moments, an intense presidential race, and the first woman candidate nominated by a major political party. I wanted the design to feel classic and optimistic, to bring out the positive possibility in the slogan. Silkscreened in gold ink with a tiny sunburst detail that references (we hope) a brighter, feminist future on the horizon.

I wanted to show that the neutral-colored t-shirts would look great with all kinds of summery patterns, and placed them on fun, sunny backgrounds to show them off in our promotions.


Each design's sales broke records for previous sales. When we launched sales of our Feminist Future tee, we sold 30+ in the first five minutes. We got kudos on the "rad design" of the campaign from several design firms we admire. Better yet, we got lots of lovely notes from customers thanking us for the work we do at Bitch.