The Little Book of Book Lists was created with fierce, book-loving feminists in mind.


This project was a labor of love. Our former library coordinator, our co-founder, and I dreamed up a way to celebrate books and appeal to our writerly audience. The project that stemmed from brainstorming ways to engage the membership of this independent, feminist non-profit, rather than a specific need or brief.


A pocket-sized, custom Scout Book appeals to the adults and teens who may have loved getting gold stars in their summer reading programs. Suggested ways to list your favorites—from "books that changed how I think about the world" and "books I wish I had read when I was 13" to "books with beautiful covers"—are interspersed with quotes about reading from icons like Adrienne Rich, Fran Liebowitz, and John Waters. We included lined pages for the note takers and blanks (with quotes) for the doodlers. The design features purple and red ink on the covers, custom pages on the inside printed in vibrant purple, and is stitched with white staples.


We sold out of the Little Book of Book Lists before we got our first run back from the printers, and have reprinted 4 times this past year.

Scout Books wrote a case study on it, and printed extras for their showcase.