FEATURED: Bitch Media

Kristin currently works as art director at Bitch Media, an independent media organization whose mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and pop culture. There, she has been able to prove that thoughtful design drives readership, builds community, and makes a difference.

A non-profit media organization with a global reach based in Portland, Oregon, Bitch Media started as a zine in 1995. Bitch now produces podcasts, an award-wining magazine, writing fellowships, and an extensive online presence.

I am excited about how art and design can inspire our readers, listeners, and users to engage. Intriguing and fun conceptual visuals might encourage people to think more deeply about the media we're all consuming.

Since 2010, I've designed and art directed 34 magazine covers, completely overhauled our website, and redesigned the print magazine. I've also created 15% cost savings in printing the magazine, upgraded to perfect binding, and moved to FSC-certified manufacturing on stock from mixed-use post-consumer sources.