...are starting publications, running studios and design teams, creating meaningful comics, winning awards, and inspiring the next generation of creative minds.


Kara Haupt, Art Director for the New Yorker, designer for Hillary for America, creator of Babe Vibes Pep Talk Generator

Gabi DeLeon, Render Feminist Food & Culture Quarterly

Ronnie Ritchie, comics for Everyday Feminism

Molly Mendoza, illustration

Julianna Johnson, Bologna Sandwich design

Kinoko, Linework NW

Katja Gantz, design

Lauren Gonsalves, illustration

Alexandra Peters, UX design

Ebin Lee, art and activism

Zeno McGuire, Nike

Amy Meyer, communication design, vergeclo

Joanna Papaleo, UX design

Kristin believes in learning by doing. Her classes often work on real-world projects and with actual clients. Interns dive in to working with staff on campaigns, publications, digital media, and illustrations. Each experience is intended to build community and set the stage for a lifetime of healthy, inspiring creative practice.